Quality Workmanship Provides Customer Satisfaction

Our reliable team has a combined 20+ years experience which adds value to every step of the process involved in aircon servicing for our clients.

Service - Minor


We offer the following in our minor services

  • Basic assessment
  • Refrigerant check-up
  • Cleaning of primary filters
  • Chemical clean of condenser
  • Coil and cabinet
  • Inspect armour flex tubing
  • Report on condition
  • Clean condensate drain

Service - Major


We offer the following in our major services

  • Assessment and condition report
  • Refrigerant gas assessment
  • Cleaning of primary filters
  • Removal of barrel fan and chemical clean
  • Complete internal housing cleanse
  • Bacterial evaporator cleanse
  • PC board inspection for damage
  • Outdoor cabinet assessment and report
  • Outdoor fixation inspection of all anchors and mountings
  • Fan operation inspection
  • Connector block inspection and re-tightening
  • Compressor function assessment
  • Capacitor contactor inspection or both
  • Treat with rust inhibitor (if unit is still in good condition
  • General report
  • New remote batteries
  • Clean condensate drain